If you ask someone who has traveled with Industry Immersion what they learned, be prepared for them to talk excitedly for hours in a long-winded answer. With so many exciting opportunities, it can be hard to choose the highlight of the trip. Consider this your cheat sheet for the greatest insights gained during an immersive networking trip.
Be prepared
     When an opportunity presents itself, it’s too late to get ready. Do something everyday to prepare you for the future.
Remember your passion
     Not every job will involve your passion, but the right job is the one when you are proud of what you are doing.
Invest in your support system
     Opportunity often comes out of the relationships you invest in. Find mentors and be a mentor.
Take on a challenge
     Growth is found when you leave your comfort zone.
Know your worth
     Know your strengths and skills, then never settle for less than you deserve.
Ask questions
     Why are you doing what you do? Why is it important? How is it helping you get ahead?
Communicate well
     The most valuable skill you can have is the ability to communicate clearly and effectively.
Be true to who you are
      Know your voice and let it be heard.
Strive to improve
      Accept that you never stop learning and search for ways to grow personally and professionally.
Enjoy the now
      Ultimately, the journey is more important than the destination.

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