I'm Faith Allison Henley. I'm currently freelancing and consulting in the PR field. I am passionate about people and how we communicate. My ultimate goal for my career is to make a difference, for my colleagues, clients and community. I'm always searching for new opportunities and experiences. Keep scrolling to learn more about me and reach out if you like what you see!

So, here's the breakdown:
Where I'm from: I'm a rare find here in Nashville-- a native. However, I took a life detour through Tuscaloosa and Alabama's Gulf Coast before winding up back in my hometown.
Personality type: ESFJ (sometimes P); Enneagram 2w3; an S on the DISC scale; and a scorpio sun, leo moon, taurus rising
Words that describe me: Problem-solver, team-player, and harmony-seeker
Hobbies: Avidly consuming the news, renovating my 70's townhouse, bargain-shopping, planning my next DIY project, or cheering on my Alma Mater - the Alabama Crimson Tide
Can't survive without: Dunkin' coffee and my Google calendar
What I find important: Maintaining an informed, diverse world view and having a positive impact in every situation
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